About us

About us

Frederick Roubos - Your Artisan Baker

Frederick Roubos – Your Artisan Baker

We believe Artisan bread is best described by thinking about the person who makes the bread…..and for us our true artisan baker is Frederick Roubos – a craftsperson trained to the highest ability to mix, ferment, shape and bake hand crafted loaves of bread – The result: Our delicious Marlborough Baguette.

Our focus to quality, and our niche market:

Since 1993, we’ve been creating some of the best artisan hand baked baguettes, and other part baked products, in New Zealand. Our story began when we originally operated our busy bakery in Redwoodtown, Blenheim. A number of years later we had realised our ‘niche’, creating an artisan baguette which could be part baked… Innovation which was ahead of its time, and production which focused on our strengths and true artisan abilities.

Honing our experience and skills to concentrate on this niche market, we decided to steer our business down a more organic route. In 2001 we sold our bakeries to concentrate on our core market, which has since evolved with the ever changing trends and tastes of New Zealanders; individuals and businesses alike. Being passionate, remaining honest and keeping innovative is what our business is about.

Our half-baked de Brood Bakkers breads incorporates a highly successful product range, which is sold in restaurants, cafes, wineries, organic stores, delis and supermarkets throughout New Zealand. Our delicious handmade products, with no additives or preservatives, taste like you could’ve made it yourself.  We really do put our heart and passion into what we make.