Monitoring the success of our products, in terms of taste sensation, is an enviable job here at de Brood Bakker’s, and we have many a willing volunteer ready and waiting to offer their tasting expertise! For us, keeping things natural is the main key to this success, and we are proud that 100% natural base ingredients are used in all of our products. In recent years we have extended our core range of baguettes, and rolls, to include some new products which have already started to hit the shelves in our retail markets, and we have improved our packaging to allow for longer shelf life of our products. Our current range of part baked rolls and breads include the following:

Original Baguette label

Traditional Baguette

When something tastes as delicious as this does, we know our artisan flair is quite simply at its finest! The Master (and dubbed the big brother of the de Broods part baked range) our traditional baguette has dominated the part baked market for over a decade now, and enjoyed by so many all over New Zealand.

Ficelle Bread Sticks label

Ficelle Sticks

Knowing that our baguettes have been loved for many years, we asked our customers what else they might love in part baked style, and Ficelle Sticks were the answer! A much thinner alternative to their big brother, our artisan ficelle sticks are every bit as tasty with their delicious soft air pocketed centres, and hard crunchy crust. Perfect for soups, meal accompaniments and devine for pairing with dips, pestos, and even making into loaded crostini.

Ficelle bread sticks
Garlic Dukkah Baguette label

Garlic & Dukkah

With Eastern & Mediterranean overtones, our delicious Garlic & Dukkah bread has been a huge hit for many years at the local Farmers Markest and Bakery Door. So what better than to bring this incredible taste sensation direct to your oven – Garlic Bread will never be the same again!

Garlic and Dukkah bread
Original Baguette Bread Rolls

Part Baked Rolls

Our packs of part baked rolls are so popular with families up and down New Zealand – be it a good old Kiwi summer BBQ; a dinner party fit for a queen, or just a friend to accompany a hearty winter soup, our 4 and 6 packs of rolls are just ideal to take from oven to plate in minutes. The same delicious recipe as our traditional baguette, just styled in individual form!

Artisan Baker Bread Rolls

Speculaas Box

Speculaas Dutch Biscuits

What does a Dutch Baker do, when asked to replicate his unique Speculaas Biscuits to a nationwide audience, (and not just from his Bakery Door)?…. Well, he does exactly that! He packages them up into perfect share size boxes; seals in their freshness, and then makes them available for you to try again, and again, and again! (Because you will want to – They are truly delicious).

Speculaas - Dutch biscuits